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Witherspoon's Ferry vested in John Witherspoon 1801.jpg
The Statutes at Large of South Carolina: Acts relating to roads, bridges and ferries, with an appendix, containing the militia acts prior to 1794 - By South Carolina, Thomas Cooper, David James McCord

S.B. Poston selling lots for Johnsonville, 1911.jpg
This painting/mural - "Johnsonville South Carolina 1911" by John Carroll Doyle - was unveiled at Anderson State Bank in 1981 at the opening of the Hemingway branch. Doyle was a prominent Charleston artist who passed away in 2014. The work depicts…

Gold and Black 1964.pdf
A file containing the Johnsonville Gold and Black, 1964

Click the link below to view the map:Johnsonville, 1940, Unpublished

Johnsonville July 1 1907.jpg
Postcard photograph showing Johnsonville in 1907.

December 1977 One of the first female highway patrol officers - Carolyn Mcdaniel Hartfield
Christmas parade 1973 - 1975

Rev Ebenezer Francis Newell age 71.jpg
Birth: Aug. 30, 1775
Brookfield, Worcester County, Mass.
Death: Mar. 8, 1867
This is the portrait in Rev Newell's book - Life and Observations of Rev EF Newell. This portrait was painted by WO Bemis, engraved by J Sartain of Philadelphia


This 1960s era photograph depicts several Broadway Street businesses of the time, including Prosser's Department Store and the old Gulf station. The blue pickup was a 1958 or 1959 Chevy that belonged to David Poston. It is parked in front of the…

Thomas R Grier (1).jpg
Thomas Rothmahler Grier (1817-1883) and his wife, Margaret Ann Johnson Grier (1823-1891). Thomas was a magistrate and was known as "The Squire." He owned a plantation near Lynches River given by Margaret Johnson's father William J. Johnson, who…

Thomas Lynch, Jr. (August 5, 1749 – 1779) was a signer of the United States Declaration of Independence as a representative of South Carolina; his father was unable to sign the Declaration of Independence because of illness.

He was born at…

Johnsonville Gin Company - 1962.jpg
The Johnsonville Gin Company was located by the railroad track in Johnsonville near the corner of Pine Street and Railroad Ave. At the time this photo was taken in 1962, it was run by Ezra Eaddy and his son James (Bozy) Eaddy, farmers from Leo…

Johnsonville Drug Company 1920, druggist Ashby McElveen.jpg
This photo was taken in front of the Johnsonville Drug Company, circa 1920. The man pictured is Ashby McElveen, a druggist at the pharmacy - the girl is currently unknown. He was from Lake City. Ashby purchased a Drug Store in Sumter, SC in 1923 and…

Rosa Belle Eaddy Woodberry Dickson.jpg
Rosa Belle Eaddy Woodberry Dickson (1869-1953) was the first female mayor in South Carolina history..

She was a role model of the independent female who lived in
the area of Johnsonville, South Carolina area between 1868 and 1953. She
was a…

Christmas Parade 1950 - Carl Godwin, Hardee Godwin, Randell Godwin.jpg
Pictured: Carl Godwin, Hardee Godwin, Randell Godwin
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