Delance Poston Collection


Delance Poston Collection


Photos in this collection were scanned at the home of Delance Poston and include photos of his childhood and family life in Johnsonville.

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South Carolina's All-Star Basketball team, 1952
South Carolina's All-star Basketball team, 1952.
Some pictured are:
Delance Poston (#11 in back row) - Johnsonville
Billy Risen - Bowman
Frank Ellerbe - Latta
David A Neilson - Aiken
Ben Arthur Bridgeman - McColl
Chris Theos - Charleston…

Percy Poston, Naval Photo
Percy Poston (1903-1983), Navy Veteran.

Sarah "Dolly" Woodberry
Dolly worked for Fairalee and Percy Poston. She married Willie Woodberry and they had daughters named Betty Jo Wilson and Louise Wilson - both worked at Wellman. Willie and Sarah lived in one of the first homes in Hickory Hill. For a time she lived…

Percy and Fairalee Johnson Poston
Percy and Fairalee Johnson Poston sit center. Location not listed and others are not identified.

Percy and Fairalee Poston and family
Hoffman Huggins, Percy and Fairalee Poston with Delance Poston, Willa Poston Huggins and daughter Myrna, Minnie and Ellerbe Poston. Probably circa 1941.

Percy Poston
Percy Poston sits for a photo, circa 1940s

Poston family at a picket hut, possibly camp meeting.
L to R: Ellerbe Poston, Minnie Turner Poston, Mrs Kelly, Jack Sawyer, Mr Boyd, Mr Kelly, cutout, Percy Poston
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