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Photo shows the main building at Wellman Industries, no specific date or source listed.

Gold and Black 1981.pdf
JHS Gold and Black 1981

Back of photo reads "This is a snap shot of Caroline (the other twin) and me - it was made about 4 years ago, but still looks just like us."

Lentz Service STation 1958.jpg
Local business receipts written out to the Huggins family circa 1958. Business included are:
Lentz Service Station
Haselden Brothers
Johnsonville Plumbing Company
TV Radio Service Order Saw Man Huggins
Johnsonville Hardware and Applianceā€¦

Rev James Ruet Gilland.JPG
James Ruet Gilland (1810-1877) was a minister of Indiantown Church from 1858-1867. He was born on a farm near Greencastle, PA. He graduated from Jefferson College in 1836 but his failing health led him south, where he taught high school at Statesburgā€¦

New Hemingway Motel dedication 1965.JPG
Dedication of the new Hemingway Motel, aka The Coachman Inn.
L to R: J. P. Askins, Jr., Merrett E. Morris, L. Durwood Lewis, Aubrey Lewis, Senator Strom Thurmond.
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