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Jr Class Maisie 1949.jpg
Maisie Poston Ballou is standing to the left. This photo is taken in front of the old Johnsonville High School, now the District Office for District 5.

Charlie Prosser, C.O. Powell, Pete Hanna, Delmus Abrams, log cabin 1934.jpg
The Log Cabin, AKA the canteen or the cannery from Johnsonville High School. Constructed in 1934 by Charlie Prosser, C.O. Powell, Pete Hanna, Delmus Abrams.

Map 2.jpg
Map insertion from the cover of The Promised Land by Elaine Y. Eaddy

Memoirs of Judith Grier.pdf
This is the “Memoirs of Judith Grier” whose grandfather was John Tillman of the Ark Plantation. It is believed that Ms. Grier was born at the Ark Plantation in Surfside Beach. This
document was donated to the town of Surfside by Stan Barnett,…

Notice Of Election - Bonds for New School - The County Record - 1915.pdf
Describes bonds for the building of the new Johnsonville School District 11 in Williamsburg County and elections held at Johnsonville Hardware Company.
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