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Founding of Rival Towns Kept First Community From Growing - News and Courier - 1951.pdf
Article discusses how Old Johnsonville and the Venters Community didn't grow as fast as Johnsonville and Hemingway.

Bigham Murders 1.pdf
Several news articles recounting the Bigham Murders on Old River Road.

county record 6-2-1910 discourses on comets.pdf
The Sage of Possum Fork, Henry Eaddy

Thriving Johnsonville - County Record - 1916.pdf
Discusses the new Johnsonville Chamber of Commerce and local business owners.

Notice Of Election - Bonds for New School - The County Record - 1915.pdf
Describes bonds for the building of the new Johnsonville School District 11 in Williamsburg County and elections held at Johnsonville Hardware Company.

Land Sale 1912 - Georgetown Daily Item.pdf
The Daily Item from Georgetown reports on the Johnsonville land sale of 1912

Busy Johnsonville to Have Newspaper - The State - 1915.pdf
Discusses the creation of the Johnsonville Progress, a newspaper that ran until at least 1917. No issues of the progress have been found so far. If you know of one please contact the site administrator.

Live Body Formed For Johnsonville - The State - 1916.pdf
Describes the creation of the first Johnsonville Chamber of Commerce.
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