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Franklin Evander Hanna and Julia Grier Hanna color.jpg
Franklin Evander "Vander" Hanna (1858-1918) and Julia Ann Grier Hanna (1850-1900) were farmers who owned most of the land along the Vox and Midway Highways and bound by Deerfield Road and Lynches River.

Prior to 1870, Vander's family owned land…

Barney and Annie Sue Hanna.jpg
Barney Hanna (1887-1959) married Annie Sue Haselden (1887-1959)

Their children were:
Nadine Hanna 1912–?
Louise Hanna 1912–1918
Leola Hanna 1914–1915
Alleta Hanna 1917–1918
William Allen Hanna 1919–1997
Harvey James Hanna 1920–1976

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Lee Powell, Bubba Haselden, Lurie Poston Sr.jpg
L to R: Lee Powers, Bubba Haselden, Police Chief Lurie Poston Sr.
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