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Midway Dry Cleaners - owner Ora Lee Springs Hanna.jpg
Pictured in front of Midway Cleaners is owner, Ora Lee Springs Hanna

Lyerly's Service Station 1973 - Wellman Station Philips 66.jpg
Also previously known as Wellman Station Philips 66, this location is currently the Skinning Shed game processing. Photos are from 1965 and 1973.

Chic 1973.jpg
The present business was opened by businessmen Billy King and John Taylor as “The Chick Supreme.” Macky DeCamps owns the building. The business is now run by sisters Carolyn Palumbo, Lavonia Olsen and Dixie Evans.

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This 1960s era photograph depicts several Broadway Street businesses of the time, including Prosser's Department Store and the old Gulf station. The blue pickup was a 1958 or 1959 Chevy that belonged to David Poston. It is parked in front of the…
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