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Article describes the land sale that led to the founding of Johnsonville

Baptist Men Paint, Weekly Observer, 5-20-1982.pdf
Members of Johnsonville First Baptist paint the home of James Franklin "Bubba" Hanna and Lillian Hanna.

Barney and Annie Sue Hanna.jpg
Barney Hanna (1887-1959) married Annie Sue Haselden (1887-1959)

Their children were:
Nadine Hanna 1912–?
Louise Hanna 1912–1918
Leola Hanna 1914–1915
Alleta Hanna 1917–1918
William Allen Hanna 1919–1997
Harvey James Hanna…

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Land Sale 1912 - Georgetown Daily Item.pdf
The Daily Item from Georgetown reports on the Johnsonville land sale of 1912

Bigham Murders 1.pdf
Several news articles recounting the Bigham Murders on Old River Road.

Vonnie, Joe, and Steve Dukes at Black Mingo Church 1961.jpg
Joe, Vonnie, and Steve Dukes with Cecil Hanna in front of Black Mingo Church, AKA "Old Belin Church", 1961.

Belin church 1.jpg
Also known as "Old Belin," the church was destroyed by an act of arson.

Boy's Basketball Squad 1939.jpg
Hubert Haselden (Captain), Livingston Bishop, forwards; Robert Creel, Freeman Rchardson, guards; Carroll Taylor, center; Victor Johnson, J. W. O'Quinn, Ken Haselden, Cleland Tanner, substitutes.

Brigadier General John Henry Woodbury.jpg
Brigadier General John Henry Woodbury (1889-1974)

Woodberry was born in Johnsonville on Feb 22, 1889 to Wattie Gamewell Woodberry, Sr. and Rosa Belle Eaddy (first woman mayor in South Carolina history). He was the great-grandson of Henry Eaddy. He…

Briley Ham Stone family Bible.pdf
A scan from the Family Bible of Briley Ham Stone (1812-1882) and wife Elizabeth Mary Eaddy (1825-1879). Briley and Elizabeth were married on September 11, 1834.
Briley Ham Stone was the son of Austin Stone II (1776-1832) and Zilphia Ham…

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Photo Jul 17, 8 52 55 PM.jpg
New street signs are installed throughout Johnsonville, starting at Broadway and Georgetown Highway. 16 June 1977

Broadway 1950s.jpg
Broadway looking East, circa 1954.
Pictured: Tomlinson's & Venters, P.D. Poston Grocery (later Turner's IGA). Not yet built are the Johnsonville Pharmacy or the old Johnsonville Post Office (which opened in 1958).

This 1960s era photograph depicts several Broadway Street businesses of the time, including Prosser's Department Store and the old Gulf station. The blue pickup was a 1958 or 1959 Chevy that belonged to David Poston. It is parked in front of the…

Brown's Pedigreed Seed Co., Johnsonville, SC.jpeg
Owner and operator, Julian David Brown, Sr. Uncle Julian built a seed separator and packaged the seeds for sale.
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