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S.B. Poston selling lots for Johnsonville, 1911.jpg
This painting/mural - "Johnsonville South Carolina 1911" by John Carroll Doyle - was unveiled at Anderson State Bank in 1981 at the opening of the Hemingway branch. Doyle was a prominent Charleston artist who passed away in 2014. The work depicts…

Gold and Black 1964.pdf
A file containing the Johnsonville Gold and Black, 1964

Johnsonville Theater to be Rebuilt At Once - News and Courier - 25 Sep 1937.pdf
Article describes the old theater owned by Chevis Prosser. This was the original location that burned, approximately where Jake's BBQ is now located on Broadway.

Founding of Rival Towns Kept First Community From Growing - News and Courier - 1951.pdf
Article discusses how Old Johnsonville and the Venters Community didn't grow as fast as Johnsonville and Hemingway.

Click the link below to view the map:Johnsonville, 1940, Unpublished

Johnsonville July 1 1907.jpg
Postcard photograph showing Johnsonville in 1907.

Carolyn M McDaniel first female highway patrol.jpg
December 1977 One of the first female highway patrol officers - Carolyn Mcdaniel Hartfield
Christmas parade 1973 - 1975
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